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  • Compressed Dry Tissue
  • No More Messy Wet Tissue!
  • No More Unwanted Scent!

Coin Tissue is a high quality tissue that is shaped just like a coin. The ordinary water tissue contains preservatives
and anti-bacteria which may cause a child or a person with sensitive skin to have allergic reactions or other side
effects such as rashes and skin diseases. These preservatives and anti-bacteria also produce uncomfortable

Furthermore, when stored for a length of period the ordinary water tissue is much easier to spread out bacteria and
other fungus. However, Coin Tissue, a full-size tissue hydraulically compress is made with 100% natural pulp, it is
softer, durable and degradable.

As Coin Tissue is in dried form, it can not be contaminated by any germs and bacteria. It is 100% healthy. All you
have to do is pour the water to dried form then it grows to its full size. Depending on the water you pour, it can be
used as hot or cold tissue.

  • Compressed cleaning tissue.
  • Simply, apply water and have a quality tissue.
  • It's made of 100% natural pulp.
  • Environmentally friendly: Naturally decomposes itself.
  • It's safe for all skin types.
  • Easy to carry anywhere because of its compact size.

Strong advantages of Coin Tissue:

Ideal for home, office, restaurants, hospitals, schools, daycares, picnic, camping, travel, promotion gifts and more

Product Usages

  • For the babies with weak immune systems.
  • For ladies with sensitive skin, as toiletries.
  • Use as a sales promotion tool.
  • When you are traveling. (Traveling abroad, Mountain climbing, Fishing, Golf)
  • Due to its germ-free and portable characteristics, Magic Coin Tissue can be used for as an alternative for using
  • bidet at public places.
  • Places where health and hygiene are important (Restaurant, Hotel, Daycare Center, Schools, Traveling,
  • Fishing, Climbing, Camping, Sports, especially for ladies & babies, soldiers, Various shops, Beauty Salon, Nail
  • Salon, Conference rooms........)

Coin tissue (functional/environmental-friendly/biodegradable/clean and hygienic)
The coin tissue is a hygienic luxurious spandex non woven fabric made by 100% natural pulp
without any additives. Also it is a biodegraded environmental-friendly product.

The features of coin tissue:

  • being small as a coin, easy to carry the tissue.
  • both hot and cold water available to control the temperature of the tissue.
  • being made by 100% natural pulp, safe on the skin.
  • biodegradable, environmental-friendly product.
  • you may insert the tissue in other liquids to use it as a functional tissue.
  • you may utilize it as a promotional purpose since it may be sealed with your company logo.
  • It is widely been used in restaurants, hotels, coffee shop, meeting rooms, travel, and airplane service too.
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